Moto preps Android 6.0 upgrade for Moto X Pure Edition

The Marshmallow software update is in a limited soak test status; if all goes well, widespread availability will follow, perhaps before year end.

Some owners of this year's Moto X flagship phone may have a big software upgrade waiting for them: Android 6.0 is in the "soak test" phase for Motorola.

David Shuster, a Motorola Mobility Senior Director, took to Google+ to announce the upcoming software:

"I'm pleased to announce that today we are starting the soak test period of Android 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade for the 2015 Moto X Pure Edition (3rd Gen) in the US. We will monitor the soak for next week and with good results, proceed to full launch."

Assuming all goes well with the limited upgrade availability - and given how "stock" the Moto X software experience is, I suspect it will go well - widespread availability of Android 6.0 for the handset could happen before end of year.

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Motorola is typically among the quickest Google partners to push the latest version of Android to its devices, mainly because of the basic approach it takes.

Instead of creating a skinned interface atop Android, the company uses the base Android build and adds just a few features and apps to it.

That's one of the main reasons my recent Android purchases have been Motorola devices - or a Nexus phone from Google - because you generally don't have to wait long for the latest and greatest software.

In case you missed it, Android 6.0 (aka: Marshmallow) brings features such as better battery life through Doze, more granular app permissions, full device encryption by default for new handsets, Google Now on Tap, and integrated support for memory cards; they can act like internal storage to the Android system.