Motor Show Nugget: Blaupunkt's first car mini-disc

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Live the digital experience sat in your motor

At the London Motor show Tuesday, Blaupunkt launched its first MiniDisc car radio. The Dallas RMD 169 is a good lookin' critter (Click for images ) and comes in a funky titanium housing -- silver -- complete with an LED panel that's more colourful than the mouth of a brazen hussy...

Playback functions include title and track display with running text, a Mix function, and Track Programme Memory, which buffers music data for ten seconds to stop track jogging. There's a two-band equaliser, and all the usual MD sound presets such as Classic, Disco, Jazz, Rock and Linear. A user option lets you set bass and treble settings.

The unit can also operate a separate CD changer, and has features for integrating a car navigation system. The Traffic Message Channel data output allows traffic information to be delivered via the unit to the navigation system.

The player will be available in December for £399.99.

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There's a stupidly simple Nuggets competition going on at the mo. Click here and you could win some fab gear for your PC