Motorola Assist update adds SMS voice reply and music app launcher

The Moto X is a fantastic device thanks in large part to the software enhancements provided by Motorola. Motorola Assist is one of the most useful and now it has even more functionality.

Motorola Assist update adds SMS voice reply and music app launcher

I am a huge fan of the design and Motorola optimizations in the Moto X and was pleased to see them update Motorola Assist with a feature I have been wanting since I first started using the application.

Motorola Assist driving mode has always been helpful in announcing an incoming call or text message and then reading out text messages. However, the only reply you could send to people who texted you was a default one that stated you were driving. With the updated application you can now reply to incoming SMS messages using your voice.

I do not text and drive, and you shouldn't either, so having the ability to keep both hands on the wheel with your phone in your pocket or in a cup holder while sending a quick reply to someone is convenient.

Motorola has also improved driving detection and added the ability to launch your favorite music app when driving so you can enjoy music or podcasts via a Bluetooth speakerphone or through your vehicle's Bluetooth connected system. They also stated several bug fixes are present in this release.

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