Motorola boosts R&D investment in Brazil

The company has doubled its research headcount and creates new partnerships with academic institutions

Brazil will pave the way in the development of mobile technology at Motorola as a result of a multimillion-dollar project to boost research and development (R&D) capabilities.

The company has hired 200 new employees for its R&D function over the last 12 months, including system, software and hardware engineers, all working in projects that are focused on 4G technology but also include cloud computing and Big Data.

Motorola's Brazilian workforce is mainly based in the company's head office in Jaguariúna, in the countryside of São Paulo.

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The company has also partnered with several academic institutions, including the Federal University of Pernambuco in the northeast of Brazil for the creation of a research, testing and simulations lab which will focus on 4G products.

Motorola has also signed R&D partnerships with other universities in the states of São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, as well as Brazilian IT services firm CI&T.

Another lab will be created by the company in Brazil, which will focus on the development and optimization of images produced by Motorola smartphones in recognition to the prominence of video and image content across social networks.

"Motorola continues to innovate and develop new experiences that enhance [the user] relationship with the smartphone. The R&D area plays an extremely important role in this process," says José Soares, product development director at Motorola Brazil.