Motorola channels its inner Ridley Scott with Super Bowl ad

Xoom: tablet for a better world. At least that's the pitch Motorola made tonight in its one-minute TV commercial during the SuperBowl. Was it artistic or just a cheap 1984 knockoff?

Xoom: the tablet to create a better world. That's the pitch Motorola made tonight in its one-minute TV commercial that ran tonight during Super Bowl XLV.

In a spot dubbed Empower The People (embedded below), Motorola featured its new Xoom tablet which is aimed squarely at the iPad.

The ad pays homage to Apple's famous 1984 commercial by Ridely Scott, by inverting his dark grey vision of the future into an errie, antiseptic place inhabited by lifeless drones that mouth the words to phantom music coming from their white earbuds.

The spot shows a few Android apps, including using Maps to find a florist, one to create a movie and YouTube, but the kicker is when the protagonist "turns the page" on Orwell's 1984 eBook while waiting on the train platform.

Subtle guys, subtle.

The best thing that I can say about the Xoom ad is that it's mildly more entertaining that those wretched AT&T/Verizon ads.

What's you're review of the Motorola Xoom spot?


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