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Motorola Demos Bravo, Defy, Flipside and FlipOut Android Smartphones (VIDEO)

Motorola gave me a video demo of four of their latest Android smartphones. Check it out in this 7-minute short.

At the CTIA conference last week, I visited Motorola's massive booth to get a demo of the half-dozen Android smartphones it is bringing out this Christmas, accompanied by Sybase's very able cameraman/producer, Barry Bishop.

It's easy to forget but as recently as four years ago, Motorola was the #2 player in FeaturePhones. Thank the Razr, which sold 110 million units, and boosted Motorola ahead of the Koreans and right behind Nokia.

But the Featurephone era is coming to a close, according to Peter Nicholson, a product marketing manager at Motorola. Check out my video interview as he shows off the following four Android handsets and talks up their enterprise-readiness:


- The Motorola Defy. Forget dust-proof or scratch-proofedness, the Defy is also water-resistant. Perfect when you need to let your brother know you've just seen the most amazing jellyfish off the coast of Cancun.

- The Bravo, which CNET said was the highest-end of the half-dozen new phones, sporting a 3.7-inch screen (480x854 resolution) and 800 MHz processor.

- The Flipside, a slider with touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard that is part of the same family as the BackFlip.

- The FlipOut. Though the same shape as Microsoft's doomed Kin, Nicholson told me this phone is a much different offering, due to access to the huge Android app universe.


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