Motorola gives modems the software touch

Motorola today unleashed a line of software-based modems but insisted this does not mean the death of the external modem.

The V.34 SM34DFV voice-data modem is integrated into the motherboard and uses the PC's CPU to execute communications functions. The software nature of the device will allow new capabilities to be implemented easily, said Motorola. The unit will be premiered at the Las Vegas Comdex tarde show next Tuesday. Motorola said it is currently in talks with several PC manufacturers and will make the technology available to OEMs in January.

"Software technology is the way network-ready PCs will go," said John Myall, European modem product manager at Motorola. "It's a natural extension. But the upgrade market will continue in the future for a long while yet. It's not the death of the conventional modem."

Motorola can be contacted by telephone on 01293-404343.

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