Motorola shows its wireless game strategy

Games on GPRS and UMTS devices
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Phone manufacturer Motorola wowed gamers by demonstrating games on the first of its GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) enabled mobile devices. Motorola will announce a range of new games for WAP mobile devices later this year, intended to migrate to GPRS-enabled phones and eventually UMTS devices. Motorola did not demonstrate GPRS-enabled networking or specific games, but gave a taste of the level of gameplay users can expect.

The prototype device, complete with QWERTY keyboard and colour screen, was shown running games on Motorola's proprietary Wisdom operating system at the show. GPRS networks will upgrade GSM networks, providing users with connectivity between 9.6kbps to 115kbps, and will allow continual connections. This will greatly enhance the richness of content that operators can provide to wireless devices and opens the door to wireless, internet-based games.

Phillip Preston, managing director for the Motorola entertainment solutions center, says that gamers can expect some big-name games to accompany these devices. "We're in discussions with most of the top-tier games companies," says Phillips.

GPRS is just part of Motorola's wireless game strategy, which is ultimately aimed at capturing a chunk of the third-generation (3G) market. Third-generation or UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) networks promise even more bandwidth than GPRS, reaching speeds up to 2Mbps. "We're investing early in GPRS and see 3G as a continuation of that," adds Phillips.

"Initially working with GPRS, subsequently migrating to third generation, Motorola plans to team up with content partners and support their transition to the mobile space," adds Doug Goodwin, Motorola's general managing director for personal communications.

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