Motorola Solutions Symbol TC70: Android for the enterprise

This Android smartphone for the enterprise is rugged and offers OS extensions for the field.

Symbol TC70
Image: Motorola Solutions

When you think of Motorola you think of consumer smartphones running Android. After all, the company is making the Nexus 6 phone for Google.

Google bought Motorola Mobility a while back and has operated the division at arm's length. Motorola Solutions was not part of the Google purchase and is independent of the consumer unit now owned by Google.

Motorola Solutions is all about the enterprise, and has been making devices for companies for years. The phones from Motorola Solutions are used in warehouses, in the field, and anywhere that requires a rugged device to handle the abuse that those professions dish out.

The newest member of Motorola Solutions' product line is the Symbol TC70 Touch Computer. That's a lofty name for what is essentially an Android phone with a rugged case. The 4.7-inch screen has a dual-touch system that works with typical fingertip operation and also a conductive stylus to use with gloves. According to Motorola, the display is brighter than typical phones to make it fully viewable outdoors.

In addition to typical phone hardware, the TC70 adds a two-way radio to the phone for on-site communications.

The Symbol MC70 ships with KitKat 4.4.2 and Motorola extensions (Mx), a series of features specifically added for the enterprise. These include security and device management features, in addition to advanced data capturing in the field.

The data capture capability makes the MC70 a good solution for inventory control and other warehouse operations. And it doesn't stop there. The full line of accessories for the TC70 can work for other types of businesses. Accessories include a card reader for processing mobile payments and a pistol grip to facilitate scanning items.

Contact the company for pricing information as none has been provided to ZDNet.

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