​Motorola Solutions wins AU$11 million contract with WA police

Western Australia police will be working with Motorola Solutions to upgrade its existing dispatch system and integrate a new mobility application.

In a bid to improve the daily workflow of its officers, Western Australia police will invest AU$11 million to deploy over the next 18 months a new dispatch system and mobility application with the help of Motorola Solutions.

As part of the agreement, Motorola Solutions will integrate its PremierOne Computer Aided Dispatch system and its Mobilie Intelligence Client to help WA Police manage its daily operations, such as allowing officers to access operational data on-the-go and on their choice of device including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

More specifically, Motorola's CAD will be used to replace WA Police's current system that is approaching the end of life.

According to Steve Crutchfield, Motorola Solutions ANZ managing director, the new system will see Motorola Solutions work with WA Police to manage the software integration of the system.

"The CAD system is the core operational system for WA Police that has a lot of interfaces to a number of different backend systems whether that's records or future applications such as location services, so there are a lot of systems that connect to CAD that needs to be integrated," he said.

"This is why WA Polce is so careful in their deployment methodology, which ensures all key components are thought through; the design and specs are clear; roles and responsibilites are clear; and the project is completely derisked."

He added the company went through a five-month process before it was approved for the contract.

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Meanwhile the Mobile Intelligence Client is a mapping-based system that will provide officers access to an interface that will help them better manage their workflow and increase their overall situational awareness.

Crutchfield said the solution has been designed to be device agnostic so that WA Police can be flexible with their choice of device used in the field.

Lance Martin, project director and superintendent of the Western Australia Police's communications division, said collaborating with Motorola will help the organisation further mobilise the police force.

"The combined CAD upgrade and rollout of the Mobile Intelligence Client gives our officers a flexible technology platform to strengthen information sharing throughout the agency, and provides the required flexibility to adapt to meet new challenges in the future," he said.

The upgrade is part of the WA Police Frontline 2020 reform program, which is focused on seeing more responce teams be equipped to deal with calls requiring more immediate assistance, and leaving local police teams to solve problems at community level.

As part of the 2015-16 state budget earlier this year, the Western Australian government said funding for the WA Police will be cut back by between AU$7.1 million and AU$7.5 million over the next two years.