Motorola wants credit for first SMS dictionary

The mobile giant reckons its guide to text messages was published ahead of Genie's version

Mobile phone manufacturer Motorola claimed Wednesday that it, not Genie, released the world's first SMS dictionary.

According to Amanda Fisher, the company's UK marketing manager for personal communications, Motorola's guide to SMS -- titled the Little Book of TXT -- was published first at the beginning of November.

Like Genie's SMS Dxnre, the Little Book of TXT contains explanations of the abbreviations used by text messaging mobile users, such as "w8in 4" (waiting for) and :*) (I am drunk).

Motorola's guide was released to coincide with this month's launch of the VBox, a dual band phone that incorporates a keyboard to make SMS messaging simpler.

Users can register for Motorola's text messaging guide at

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