Motorola's custom Moto X Texas facility to close before end of the year

My custom Moto X keeps finding its way back into my pocket, but reports are that the facility that assembled it will soon be closing its doors.

Motorola's custom Moto X Texas facility to close before end of the year

According to the Wall Street Journal Motorola Mobility is planning to close the its Fort Worth, Texas plant before the end of the year.

I am a fan of the  custom Moto X , and the U.S.-based manufacturing base did have some influence on my decision to buy one.

When Lenovo announced the Motorola purchase in February my first thought was that the US assembly would likely end since there is no way to compete with labor costs in China. The US assembly did provide timely creation of custom Moto X devices though, but it looks like there just are not the sales numbers needed to continue offering such a boutique service.

The price of the custom Moto X has also dropped from the original $600 down to $400 and reports are that employees at the plant went from 3,800 down to today's 700 people. Moto X units will continue to be made in China and Brazil.

Motorola looks to be doing quite well with their low-cost Moto G devices ($219) and with the Moto E coming in at an even lower price ($129) they may find more success at the low end. It is tough to compete in the high end market while manufacturing products in the US, but I applaud Motorola for at least giving it a try.

It looks like I will keep my custom Moto X and hold onto it as a keepsake that proudly displays "Designed and Assembled in the USA."

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