Motorola's iTAP adds intelligence to SMS

Motorola has updated its predictive text messaging software so it can learn the habits of mobile phone users and make sending text messages easier
Written by Munir Kotadia, Contributor

Motorola's new iTAP software learns senders' writing habits and can suggest not only words, but whole sentences, based on previous usage, says the company.

Motorola's Lexicus division announced its iTAP 6.0 Intelligent Text Entry System on Wednesday. The company said iTAP 6.0 adapts to its user's writing patterns and, as it becomes more accurate over time, is able to predict and suggest entire sentences based on past usage.

Neal Campbell, general manager of the Lexicus Division of Motorola, said iTAP 6.0 was created to make text messaging from mobile devices simpler and more efficient in order to encourage more business users and consumers to use text-messaging facilities.

Although iTAP 6.0 was predominantly designed for use in mobile phones, Motorola said it will be easier to input text into any mobile device without a keyboard. The software will run on a variety of embedded platforms, including ARM and M*Core as well as x86-based products. The system also supports more than 30 languages.

Text messages currently generate around 15 percent of mobile phone operators' annual revenues, so any technology that can either increase the number of text messages being sent or persuade more voice-only users to embrace text messaging will be welcomed by operators.

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