Moving from Big Data to Smart Data (ZDNet Hot Topics webcast)

In this Webcast, Opera Solutions CEO Arnab Gupta and I discuss how machine learning technology helps organizations derive far higher value form their data than merely processing and aggregating the data can. Find out how Opera does it, and learn how you can too.

Are you curious about Big Data at a level that's a bit deeper than an introductory discussion?  Perhaps you've heard the word "analytics" but you'd like to understand better what its intersection with Big Data is.

In this webcast, host Jonas Tichenor, Opera Solutions CEO Arnab Gupta and I explore predictive analytics, and the notion of getting insights from Big Data, rather than merely processing it. We discuss various technologies around machine learning, including the Mahout component of the Hadoop Big Data stack and we consider the concept of culling "signals" from noise in Big Data.

Predictive Analytics: Moving from Big Data to Smart Data

The webcast continues with focus on the value differential between Big Data and small data, and we banter about data scientists and what they do.

Arnab is a thought leader in this space and Opera Solutions is doing real work with large customers to make predictive analytics profitable.  Take half an hour to see what he thinks of machine learning and what it means to industry.