Moxie bridges employee and customer social communities

The developer believes businesses can address customer concerns and questions more quickly by connecting internal employee collaboration channels and customer support communities.

Social business application developer Moxie Software has developed software intended to create better communications between internal communities that companies might use to enable collaboration between employees and external sites and knowledge bases they might use to help with customer service.

The technology is available in the latest edition of Spaces by Moxie, due out by March 31, 2012. The new feature is called Expert Connect. The company describes the software as a conduit for cross-departmental collaboration between customer support and service teams, human resources, marketing and so on. The goal is to ensure that all teams across a given company are speaking from the same script when trying to address a customer problem, according to Moxie executives.

"Keeping the customer central to an organization is the most important thing," said Tara Sporrer, vice president of marketing for Moxie.

Among other things, the software creates what Moxie calls an "activity stream," which provides insight into communications across customer engagement channels including email, chat stream, social media and so on. You can create a "Virtual War Room" to address issues that might require immediate attention. The screenshot below is an example of an activity stream.

The Space Connect feature included with the update includes application programming interfaces that allow Spaces by Moxie to be integrated with other applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, content management systems, human resources and other relevant third-party applications.

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