Mozilla backs HTML5-focused start-up has caught the attention of three tech heavyweights who have invested in the company's HTML5-based mobile platform app, which allows people to use apps they do not have installed on their devices.

Israeli start-up has received $25m (£15.6m) in venture capital funding from a host of big name investors including Mozilla, Telefonica Digital and SingTel Innov8, to develop its HTML5-based mobile platform. allows users to access apps they haven't already installed on their phone via the cloud, as well as displaying the native versions of the apps that are already installed on the device. 

Native apps that are installed on the device are displayed at the top, while cloud-based apps that can be accessed via are shown below. Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet

HTML5 allows developers to create one app for multiple operating systems, saving time because they don't have to create tailor-made apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It also means that app updates can be delivered more easily and frequently. 

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, revealed in a blog post on Wednesday that it has been working on platform development alongside, and that it will play an important role in providing content for its upcoming Mozilla OS, expected to launch in 2013. 

"The company is aligned closely with Mozilla's mission and goals, and we've enjoyed collaborating with them to push the boundaries of what the web can do," the company said in its blog post. 

Telefonica Digital, which has its headquarters in London , believes is a breakthrough technology that could bring the power of the web to mobile.

"That's why Telefonica is committed to driving greater openness in mobile ecosystems, which will in turn spur innovation. The integration of into Firefox OS will add a rich and compelling content experience for customers," said Carlos Domingo, director of product development and innovation at Telefónica Digital.