Mozilla Firefox launches in Tamil

A group of over 10 volunteers have completed a near full translation of the free opensource Internet browser after more than a year's work.

Mozilla Firefox has been launched in a fully localized Tamil version after nearly a year's work by a group of 10 volunteers.

Mozilla Firefox launches in Tamil.

The free opensource Web browser can now be downloaded from Mozilla's list of over 70 versions featuring other languages including some Indian ones such as Hindi. However, the Tamil one boasts a near-complete translation of all the terms, according to a report by the Hindu.

"The other browsers that can be downloaded from the Mozilla site are a mix of English and the regional language. Our focus in Tamil Translation was to find the easiest possible translation for every English word on the browser, in Tamil," said Arun Prakash, an engineering graduate associated with the Mozilla Tamil Translation team, in the article.

In the Tamil Mozilla , the options are "kopu" for file, "viruppangal" for preferences, and "nagal yedu" for copy, among others, the Hindu noted.

"There is no need for a Tamil keyboard, as the keyboard shortcuts will be the same. Settings, history, tools or download instructions will be in Tamil, and the browser will lead you to the Tamil version of the website you are looking for, if one exists," added Arun.

The volunteer noted the completion of the Tamil Mozilla project now paves the way for bigger ones for his team such as video and audio playing applications, and projects Web sites.

There is a market for localized software for native languages expecially in India, where there are several hundred dialects with over 20 main languages.