Mozilla: From obscurity to opportunity

The non-profit Mozilla foundation has gone from zero to hero over the last two years thanks to the increasing popularity of the Firefox browser

ZDNet UK visited the company's HQ in Mountain View, California, to find out how a small band of open source enthusiasts have started to challenge Microsoft's hold on the browser market.

Firefox: Doing it for love
Asa Dotzler, the community co-ordinator for the Mozilla Foundation, reflects on how grassroots marketing has spurred the growth of Firefox, and how a bunch of developers managed to create such enduring loyalty in their product

Behind the scenes at Mozilla HQ
Photos: The Firefox browser may be a growing threat to Microsoft's market dominance but the Mozilla Foundation's office is no Redmond campus yet

Firefox: The alternative history
Asa Dotzler, the community co-ordinator for the Firefox browser, discusses how the fledgling competitor to Microsoft's IE learned to spread its wings