Mozilla releases Fennec mobile-browser alpha

The organisation behind Firefox has released an alpha version of its Fennec mobile web browser

Open-source organisation Mozilla has released an alpha version of Fennec, its mobile browser.

The browser was made available for download from Mozilla's website on Friday. Mozilla encouraged developers to provide feedback on the application.

Mozilla, which oversees development of the Firefox web browser, said the focus of development so far has been on "building a new user interface that reflects Firefox's design principles".

The alpha features tabbed browsing and bookmarks, with touchscreen support. Fennec also supports geo-location, introduced into Firefox as the Geode plug-in earlier this month.

The Fennec alpha release is currently available only for the OS2008 (Maemo) software platforms for Nokia N810 internet tablets. However, testers can download a version compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

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