Mozilla unveils Firefox 4 beta 12

It's here, it's finally here - Firefox 4 beta 12.

It's here, it's finally here - Firefox 4 beta 12.

The announcement was made on the Mozilla blog:

The latest Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta is now available to download and test. This release delivers improved performance and responsiveness when watching videos on your favorite video websites. We are in the final stages of the Firefox 4 Beta cycle. The team has fixed more than 7,000 bugs since the first beta release.

There's also a call for plug-in developers to finalize (or start!) preparations for the new release:

We are working closely with the community of add-on developers to ensure their Firefox Add-ons are ready to customize the features, look and functionality of Firefox 4 Beta. For more details on how to make your add-ons compatible with Firefox 4 Beta, read this blog post from Firefox Add-ons Developer Relations Lead, Jorge Villalobos.

Here's what's new in this release:

  • Increased performance while viewing Flash content
  • Improved plugin compatibility with hardware acceleration enabled
  • Hovering over links now displays the URL at the bottom of the window rather than in the location bar
  • General stability, performance, and compatibility improvements
  • See the complete changelist from the previous beta