Mozilla's developer joins Zero Knowledge

Mike Shaver reveals the project for which he left Mozilla: Zero Knowledge, developer of an anonymous browser

Ex-Mozilla guru Mike Shaver has revealed that he is to join Zero Knowledge, the company behind the anonymous Internet browser Freedom.

After departing from a key development role within the Mozilla team just last week, Shaver is to become Chief Software Officer at Zero knowledge.

The addition of Shaver's considerable experience and expertise is a significant bonus for Zero knowledge and for advocates of online personal privacy.

Shaver has issued a statement outlining his enthusiasm for the ethos behind the Freedom Internet browser. "I'm very excited to be a part of the growth of the Zero Knowledge team," he says in the statement. "There's a great fit here in our common belief in the value of open source, and the potential that Freedom represents as a leap forward in consumer privacy and security. It's a tremendous opportunity for people to finally gain complete control over their digital identity."

Austin Hill, president of Zero-Knowledge Systems, has expressed similar delight at the acquisition of Shaver commenting: "With his reputation and experience, Mike is the perfect person to help build the team and organise the software development process so that Freedom is on every desktop."

Mozilla is a collaborative project dedicated to enhancing the development of the Netscape's Navigator browser by making the program source code freely available, and allowing outside programmers to help develop the software.

Zero Knowledge has also revealed that it is expanding its operations in Silicon Valley and is recruiting for other developers at this new Web page.

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