to offer wireless sync

Whenever you download a music file, you'll be able to send a copy straight to a wireless device

Song-swap site will launch a service Monday to let users download a song and automatically share it with their mobile phone or handheld computer.

The deal is a partnership between and fusionOne, which provides the synchronisation know-how. Whenever a user downloads a song from, fusionOne's synchronisation software which can link various Internet-based devices together will allow them to immediately send a copy to all their wireless gadgets.

Samsung recently launched its SGH M100 MP3 mobile phone which can store and play MP3 music files, and many handheld PCs and PDAs (personal digital assistants) also support the format. However tranferring new tracks is often a time-consuming process.

Details of the new service are yet to be announced, but it is understood that will begin offering fusionOne's software for free., whose lets users listen to songs in its online database, was sued by five major record labels for copyright violation. It reached deals with four but the fifth, Universal Music, was awarded damages that could total $250m (around £155m).

FusionOne's backers include 3Com and Nokia Ventures.

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