MPs accuse Oftel of 'laziness' and 'complacency'

'Lazy' Oftel told by DTI what the industry has been saying for years

Telecoms watchdog Oftel was flogged by MPs Tuesday who accused it of being 'lazy' and 'complacent'.

The DTI select committee told David Edmonds, director general of Oftel, that he would be summoned to this meeting a fortnight ago. Edmonds' office knew he would be asked to explain the pricing of leased lines and why the unmetered issue had spun so wildly out of control.

Martin O'Neil MP, chair of the committee, did not mince his words. "Lazy is the way I would describe the speed of your consultation process," he said, echoing criticism aimed at the watchdog from industry observers and analysts for months.

"Your complacency is quite appalling," he said.

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