MS, Amdahl to bind NT Server, mainframe know-how

Microsoft and Amdahl will later today announce plans to integrate their respective Windows NT Server and OS/390 environments.

The pair will work together to provide host integration, Year 2000, messaging and other solutions that will cover an enterprise-wide span "from the data centre to the desktop". Also involved will be the DMR Consulting Group, Amdahl's professional services company. Japanese giant Fujitsu acquired Amdahl last year.

The firms said the alliance will let users more easily connect Windows NT Server and BackOffice applications with OS/390 mainframe platforms so that Windows-based client users users on a network can access host-based applications, data and peripherals.

"Customers are demanding a solution to the complex issue of integrating Windows NT with their mainframe data centre systems," said David Wright, president and CEO of Amdahl.

"Through this alliance, Amdahl, DMR and Microsoft can provide business and government IT users more powerful integrated platform solutions for their business applications. This is a landmark on the road to real competition in the data centre and a victory for the large IT customer."

"Nothing is more important than enabling our enterprise customers to take full advantage of Windows NT Server- and BackOffice-based solutions while protecting their investments in host systems and data," said Steve Ballmer, executive vice president of sales at Microsoft. "Amdahl brings the experience, expertise, technologies and services that customers need to address complex host integration challenges."