MS plans NT desktop support for Win CE

Microsoft is to release a new version of its HPC Explorer software that improves Windows NT file synchronisation with Windows CE handheld computers.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"In HPC Explorer 1.1 it will be a lot easier to connect to Windows NT," said Nicholas McGrath, Windows NT Workstation product manager. "A lot of the finer configuration points will be done for you instead of requiring you to do them by hand. In version 1.0 it was possible to get [Windows CE] to work with NT but you had to be au fait enough to go through 'readme' files and so on. Windows CE is designed very much as a complement to Windows 95 because of things like Plug and Play and because file transfer works by Direct Cable Connection and allocating an IRQ."

McGrath said a Web site posting for Explorer 1.1 is "imminent".

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