MS says Active Directory will KO NDS

Microsoft today gave a robust response to Novell's plans to port its Novell Directory Services (NDS) to Windows NT.

"We never had any intention of licensing NDS [and] the only people who put those rumours around were Novell," said Windows NT Server product manager Mark Hassall. "Over 80 per cent of Windows NT users use NT Directory Services (NTDS) and in the future I expect them to use Microsoft's own directory services because they will offer a higher level of integration with the operating system and file system."

"Microsoft has a lot of history and expertise in the area of directory services. We've worked in network operating systems for eight years and with NT 5.0's Active Directory we will leapfrog the technology available today. NDS is good for NetWare but it's not good for mixed environments and it doesn't have the scalability of NT. We'll support Domain Name Service (NDS), Lightweight Directorty Access Protocol (LDAP) and Open X.500. The bottom line is: let's see the level of integration Novell offers."