MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

MSI unveils an NVIDIA 580GTX graphics card featuring 'Dust Removal Tech.'

Tired of your fans clogging up with dust and other detritus (like cat hair ... I'm looking at you Mr Kitty!)? MSI has just the solution for you.

The company has debuted an NVIDIA 580GTX card (called, imaginatively, the N580GTX) that features 'Dust Removal Tech.'

So, what's the magic behind this technology? A special coating for the fans? No. Some fancy materials? Nope. a force field? No. Actually it's dead simple:

When the system is turned on, the graphics card fan will rotate in the opposite direction for 30 seconds. By running in reverse, the fan helps to remove dust from the heatsink fins to ensure optimal cooling every time.

According to MSI, a clogged fan and heatsink can raise the temperature of your GPU by as much as 15°C, which can cause systems to 'end up crashing from overheating.' By applying a 30 reverse spin to the fans at start up, MSI claims that it can prevent this build up of crud and ensure proper cooling.

Does it work? No idea. MSI aren't making anything that resembles a guarantee so your mileage may (and probably will) vary depending on how you use the system.

Also new of the N580GTX is a redesigned fan blade which offers 20% better airflow and a smart temperature sensor in the form of fan blades that change from blue to white when the ambient temperature is above 45?.

Gimmicks, or useful features - you decide!

Note: Good point made in the comments ... how can you see these fans when fitted onto a motherboard installed in a chassis since they will be facing downwards?


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