MSN adCenter to advertisers: 'pay more for a click'

Microsoft adCenter: "adapt and adopt" to "Rising CPCs and the Big ROI Gap."
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
Doug Stotland, Group Product Manager, adCenter, MSN Search, advised advertisers yesterday that they have the “capacity to pay more for a click.”

During a Search Engine Strategies Conference panel, “Meet the Search Ad Networks,“ Stotland recommend that advertisers “adapt and adopt” to “Rising CPCs and the “Big Roi Gap.”

Stotland indicted that he is often asked when clicks prices will “stop rising” and why the “Big ROI Gap” is getting bigger. According to Stotland, there are three explanations for rising click pricing:

Increasing demand from new advertisers and from bigger budgets of existing advertisers.
Irrational advertisers bidding up click prices.
Increasing ROI from search advertising.

Stotland warned that advertisers can be on either the “winning side, or losing side.”

Stotland’s recommendation to be on the winning side: pay more for clicks and “get more value from each click.”

Ways to get more value from clicks?

Target customers more precisely,
Improve CTR to increase volume and lower CPC,
Increase post-click conversions.

According to Stotland, by “adapting and adopting” as the market changes, advertisers will be able to “afford to pay more for a click.“


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