MSN hacker gets 27 months' jail

Singaporean undergraduate is convicted for stealing several women's instant messenger accounts and blackmailing one victim.

SINGAPORE--A 24-year-old undergraduate was sentenced Monday to 27 months in prison for stealing the instant messenger identities of several women and blackmailing one.

According to local media reports, Song Yick Biau used a program called MSN8 to trick his victims into revealing their MSN username and password. He tricked his victims into believing they had problems logging into their accounts, and asked that they send a file which captured their login details on the pretext of troubleshooting the issue.

Song then changed their passwords, preventing his victims from accessing their accounts, and assumed the victim's identities to chat with people on their contact lists.

He also doctored pictures of some of the women, superimposing their heads on naked bodies. In one instance, he threatened to make public the image of one victim if she refused to send photos of her breasts. She reported the matter to the police.

Song faced 10 charges in total--nine under the Computer Misuse Act and one for criminal intimidation. He was arrested early last year and pleaded guilty last week.