Mucho config

A new month and a new contract. The life of the freelancer.

A new month and a new contract. The life of the freelancer. Sometimes I yearn for paid holidays, a regular paycheck, going to a place where everybody knows your name. But then I think that would be liking working at Cheers, without the beer.

One of the downsides of my intenerance is that every new contract means a new (read oldest) PC. This time round it took a whole one and a half days to fix me up to working speed. Something like 12 hours.

Most of this was hardware problems, a large part was me installing all the knick knacks I use in my daily Front End Developing life, a fair bit was re-installing dev environments and some if it was Windows' pigheadedness.

This mucho config is in stark contrast to the agile swiftness of the Rails project I worked on last, using someone else's pre-prepared MacBook, GitHub and Heroku.

A co-worker suggested a nice, fast big-slim laptop with everything installed and setup base in whichever place you found yourself. £1100 he said could easily buy you such a utilitarian beast, and it's something I'd consider if I were to make contracting a long-term proposition. Roll up, plugin, get going.



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