Mulesoft adds supply chain friendly features to Anypoint

Mulesoft's Anypoint Platform is getting features that aim to ease business-to-business integration.

Mulesoft on Thursday added features to its Anypoint Platform, which is used for enterprise application integration, that make it easier to swap supply chain information and automated data and document exchange.

Anypoint's new features make the platform more business-friendly and useful for enterprises that rely on electronic data interchange (EDI) messaging to work with partners.

Mulesoft's bet is that it can step in front of current EDI platforms and custom interfaces that are used to connect partners on the back end of an enterprise. Mulesoft's approach revolves around application programming interfaces (APIs) and enables suppliers, distributors and partners to be added quickly.


By melding APIs with business-to-business integration formats, Mulesoft's goal is to enable customers to integrate cloud platforms, mobile apps and software as a service with enterprise data and the supply chain.

Anypoint's B2B features include:

  • Gateways to APIs.
  • Microservices that can reuse logic across partners and create event-based workflows.
  • Support for EDI standards in the field today as well as transport protocols.
  • Trading partner management.