Multi-Tech tracks Psion with international modems

Multi-Tech Systems is fighting back at the UK's Psion Dacom with an international PC Card modem.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Ever since Psion Dacom announced that it would be the supplier of choice to Dell's mobile PC division, there has been consternation at modem makers who fear they could lose their corporate 'fleet' business unless they pay more attention to approvals in overseas markets. Pundits say that Multi-Tech's move is likely to precipitate many similar declarations.

Multi-Tech's product is the cleverly-named MultiMobile MT5634ZLXI, a 56kbps device that can be flash-upgraded to the ITU V.PCM standard. The cards ship with Multi-Tech's Global Wizard setup utility.

The cards will "set a new benchmark for designs tailored for multinational travellers," said Raghu Sharma, president of Multi-Tech.

"This is especially important for multinational organisations that must comply with local regulations in the countries where they do business."

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