Must Read: ZDNet readers on BT Pt III

Angry reader number fourFurther to your reader poll, I can offer some comments.

We purchased ADSL through Easynet and received it about two weeks ago. When it works, it is superb and provides excellent value for money. However, there are a couple of issues worth mentioning.

Firstly, the initial configuration was incorrect and different to that requested and expected by Easynet -- clearly BT's responsibility.

Secondly, we received notification of downtime yesterday, with only about two hours notice. In the event, the service was halted an hour earlier with no warning. Despite this, service was not resumed until the originally anticipated up-time.

Furthermore, unscheduled downtime occurred this morning. Most worryingly, BT did not provide Easynet with information on service restoration schedule.

It would seem that BT are somewhat arrogant in their handling of this service and their dealings with third parties such as Easynet. This is a shame, as it detracts from an otherwise superb solution.

Kind regards

Stephen Simmons

Angry reader number five

I registered months ago , I got an email from them early September saying they were ready to roll and I contacted them , they took my details and gave me an install date of Oct 5th 9.00 am -- 1.00 pm . I stayed at home Oct 5th and they didn't arrive , I tried to call their info number but there was no reply. I went to work in the afternoon and eventually got through to them. They apologised but claimed that Oct 5th had been a target date not an install date and said that my line hadn't been tested yet. They also said they were backlogged because of the fuel crisis . They promised to get back to me on my mobile later that day with the results of my test and an install date.

They never called.

I've called back on three occasions since ( it takes about 20 mins to get through ) and each time they've promised to call me back on my mobile with the install date later that day -- no-one has called. I'm at a loss right now . I was hoping to get ADSL before Napster closes down !!! I'd really like to take my business elsewhere but there's no the Freeserve package any better ?

John Moynihan

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