MWC 2013: Lenovo introduces a trio of new Android tablets

The budget A1000 and quad-core A3000 are 7-inch models, while the S6000 is a 10-inch competitor to the Google Nexus 10.

Following in the wake of Samsung's and HP's announcements yesterday, Lenovo has unveiled three new tablets to join the Android fray. These include a pair of 7-inch models, the A1000 and A3000, and a 10-inch slate, the S6000.


The company is positioning the A1000 as "ideal for first-time tablet buyers," which suggests a budget price point as does the dual-core processor. Lenovo says it has up to 16GB of internal capacity, which may mean there will be 8GB and 16GB versions, though the A1000 will come with a microSD card slot for additional storage. One premium feature is the inclusion of Dolby Digital Plus technology for improved audio performance.

In comparison, the A3000 gets a quad-core MediaTek processor and a vague promise of " extensive memory, " though the IPS display only has a resolution of  1,024x600. You do get the option of 3G connectivity if you need to get online while away from a Wi-Fi connection.

While the S6000 doesn't have all of the top-end features of Google's Nexus 10, it may turn out to be a lower-cost competitor. It will also make use of a quad-core MediaTek processor (the MTK 8389/8125), and the company promises a "substantial battery" in a 20-ounce package. Again, resolution on this IPS screen is not ultra-high res -- 1,280x800 -- but presumably the price tag is not ultra-high, either.

Unfortunately, Lenovo hasn't disclosed the pricing on any of the three new tablets, though it says they will be released sometime in the second quarter of this year. Check back later for some hands-on goodness with the S6000 from my colleague Ben Woods at MWC 2013.