MWC 2014: Archos 80 Helium 4G Android tablet offers LTE support for $249

The first 8-inch tablet offering 4G connectivity for under $250.


French device maker Archos keeps trying to carve out a niche in the ever-more-competitive Android hardware market, usually offering a once-premium feature at a budget price. Its latest tablet embracing that strategy has bowed in advance of this year's Mobile World Congress trade show.

In terms of most specs, the Archos 80 Helium 4G is an ordinary 8-inch Android tablet, featuring a 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8926 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 1,024x768 display, and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. But the "4G" in its name tells you its main selling point: built-in 4G LTE support in a budget slate.

How budget? The company is touting that the 80 Helium 4G is the only 8-inch tablet with 4G capabilities that costs under $250. (Of course, it's priced at $249, but still.) That price point does explain why it only comes with a measly 8GB of built-in storage, which is the usual amount cheap tablets include. (Like those, it does include a microSD card slot to add more capacity if needed.)

No release date is known at this time, but the 80 Helium 4G will be on display at this week's MWC, so we may get some more information during the show. One piece of info that could be useful: Any carrier that would offer the new Archos, so you can take advantage of those 4G Internet speeds on the road.