My Black Friday Apology to Apple

Who knew that it was possible for Apple to have deals on any of their overpriced products? Shock of shocks--they did. And, now it's time for this ol' Tech finger pointer to say, "I'm sorry."

Apple did, in fact, offer some Black Friday deals--$40 off on the new iPad, $30 off on iPod Touch and $100 off on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In my " 10 reasons why Apple doesn't care about Black Friday ," I said that they don't offer discounts but what do you know--they actually did. I think I know the reason that they did. It's called too many products on the market--a product glut, if you will. Instead of offering a sale, Apple should give you an iPod Touch with each purchase of a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, but that's just me.

OK, you came here for my apology and here it is: Apple, I'm sorry. I was wrong. You did have a sale on your products for Black Friday. Maybe you care a little after all.

A 10-percentish discount is better than no discount at all. It might have been the impetus needed for some to throw down some cash for a new iPod, iPad or MacBook. Well played, Apple, well played.

Of course, there might be an extenuating circumstance or two behind this Black Friday bit of Apple-scented good will.

First, there's the glut of products. Apple has tossed out a lot of new models this year and they need to move them. It was a bold move on their part to do so but it looks like it worked anyway.

Second, there's the Surface and the gaggle of Android tablets available for purchase. Even Apple can't totally ignore the competition, although I have previously accused them of doing exactly that.

Third, Apple is a business and every business has to move product.

Finally, Apple is out to get me. Since I turned on it, Apple is gunning for me. They offered their discounts just to spite me personally. I hope you realize that I'm kidding about that. Unfortunately, it seems, that I have to explain myself when taking a humorous jab at something or someone these days.

I wonder what's next for Apple? A Clearance aisle at the local Apple Store? An annual White Sale? A Foley's-style Red Apple sale? Oh, the joy of discounts on Apple products!

'Tis the season Apple. Make me proud. Make me apologize again.

Of course, there were no discounts on the iPad mini

I'd like to know how many of you bought discounted Apple products this Black Friday. And, tell me too, if those discounts pushed you over the edge on purchasing instead of waiting or not buying at all. Further, I'd like to know how many of you would have sprung for the iPad mini if it had been on sale.

Black Friday is a crazy shopping day. I didn't shop late on Thursday nor did I wake up early to leap onto any great bargains. I did shop on Friday although I didn't think it was particularly crowded or crazy. I had no trouble finding a parking place anywhere I went. In fact, I never had to walk very far to get into a store on Friday. I even had a very close spot near the front door of Bass Pro Shop where my middle son was desirous of a new Crossbow. Unfortunately, Bass Pro Shop liked their Crossbow selection more than we did. At $599 for the least expensive one, we left and went elsewhere.

Black Friday makes people spend more than they should at Christmas. People go into debt to save money and make up the difference in credit card interest. Strange people we are. If you're wondering, no, I don't play the credit game. I'm a consumer "dead beat." If I can't afford to pay cash, I don't buy it. That's my policy.

Of course, if everyone were like me, we'd have no credit crisis, no suffering economy and no multi-trillion dollar National Debt problem to solve. OK, not sure how this went from an Apple apology to a stance on our economic situation but that's life and life after Black Friday.

To Apple: Keep up the good work. You surprised me. Thank you. I'm sure there are a lot of folks who also would like to say thanks as well for discounting a few of your products for Black Friday.

I like being surprised.

What do you think of Apple's Black Friday discounts? Do you think there's a new Apple on the horizon or was this a move simply to unload their surpluses? Talk back and let me know?