My gadget is better than yours

I love all gadgets, even the ones with glaring faults. I honestly don't believe that my gadget is better than yours. I like your gadget too.

A question I get asked frequently, all the time as a matter of fact, is what is my favorite gadget? I test a lot of different gadgets, from the laptop-sized clamshell variety to the smallest of smartphones, and folks naturally want to know what is my favorite one? The truth is, and this flies in the face of the fanboy attitude common with gadget lovers, I don't have one. I love all of them, even the ones with glaring faults. I honestly don't believe that my gadget is better than yours. I like your gadget too.

I cover gadgets of all types running all of the mobile platforms, and no matter what I may be writing about at a given time I can bet what the first comment to the article will be. "Your platform sucks, mine is better. I can't believe you'd write about platform X and not mention how platform Y is superior in every way!" That comment will usually appear within just a few minutes of an article getting published. The common mantra of "my gadget is better than yours" is rampant on the web.

If I write anything about Apple products, the bashers come out of the woodworks in droves. The adage you either love Apple or hate it is definitely true on the web, there is no medium ground. The Android crowd in particular is getting very vocal in the Apple hate club.

Apple fans are not any better; let me write an article about another platform and the nay-sayers arrive in a mob. It's as if the mindset dictates that since Apple products are so much better than everything else, how dare you write about anything other than Apple products? It is so regular it is comical.

I understand how mobile devices can become a near religious experience, they are very personal in nature and people spend so much time with them in hand they become very close to them. Even so, folks should look at the competition objectively, as every device and platform has strong points. It's not always cut-and-dried and there are always things to learn from others.

I love gadgets of every make and type, and enjoy seeing how they do things differently. That's how I learn what works best for my needs, by keeping my eyes open. It's amazing how much you can learn about things when you get past the "my gadget is better than yours" mentality. It's all good in the mobile space.

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