My MacBook Pro Experience - Day 4

Today is a day of choices ... what applications do I need to install on my Mac?

Choices, choices, choices ...

When I'm setting up a Windows machine for myself I know what I want on it ad what I don't.  With the MacBook Pro I'm having to figure out what I need to install.  For example, do I need Firefox and/or Opera installed or is Safari good enough?  Should I install Parallels or BootCamp?  What blogging tool should I install?  I'm thinking about ecto but I'm not sure ... 

I'm also discovering other oddities of the Mac (or at least the MacBook Pro) world -for example, there's no button to eject the disc out of the CD/DVD drive on the drive.  It's on the keyboard.  I'll tell you, that had me stumped for a few minutes.

I've downloaded Parallels and BootCamp - I plan on giving both a spin later.

Previous installments: