My MacBook Pro Experience - Day 8

FAQ time!
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

FAQ time!

Over the past few weeks I've received a number of questions thorough the TalkBack sections and via email.  As with any time that you're bombarded with questions, it's best to answer then once, rather than separately. 

The questions and answers appear in no particular order.

  • What prompted you to go on the "MacBook Pro Experience"?
    Because it sounded like fun.  Several TalkBack comments in a variety of posts had suggested that I give this a go.  It sounded like a good idea and a neat learning opportunity so I approached Apple's PR people for a loaner.  They agreed and I started blogging from day 1.
  • Is Apple paying for this?
    Nope.  Apart from bearing the cost of shipping, this is free publicity for Apple (hehehe, like it need that!).
  • Is Microsoft paying you to say bad things about the Mac OS?
    Nope.  In fact, to set the record straight, Microsoft have never paid me for anything, ever.
  • Are you coming to this with pre-conceived notions about the platform?
    No.  I'm keeping an open mind all round.  I hope that comes through in my posts.  Contrary to what some people think, I'm pretty open-minded about most things and don't get caught up in fanboyism.  I have strong views about some things but these are based on information I've gathered or what works for me or doesn't work for me.
  • How long do you have the MacBook Pro for?
    Four weeks, so I have three left.
  • Will you be covering XYZ?
    Maybe, depends on time.  Some of these posts take a lot of effort.
  • Does Apple OK what you write before you publish it?  Do they make changes?
    No and no.  And just to clarify, no one from Apple asked for the opportunity to edit or OK what I write.
  • Will your buy a Mac?
    Don't know.  My next purchase will be a UMPC.  Maybe after that.
  • Will you take a look at Leopard?
    Not in this series, but if Apple want to give me a MacBook with Leopard on it when it's released, sure, I'll take a look.
  • Does the MacBook have to go back to Apple?
  • Do you find it easier to use than Windows?
    Different would be a better word.  Some things seems nicer and simpler, other things are foreign to me.
  • Do you find it harder to use than Windows?
    Again I'd use the word different.  I've done quite a bit of real work on the system so I'm pleased there.  I get more done in a day using Windows but I put that down to experience rather than the platform.
  • Has the Mac crashed on you?
    Yes, when playing a DVD.
  • How heavy is the MacBook?
    The 17-inch MacBook Pro is 6.8 pounds, but the 15-inch version is only 5.6 pounds.
  • How well does Windows run on the Mac?
    Well.  Very well.  I prefer using Parallels to BootCamp though.
  • Are you enjoying the experience?
    Yes, a lot.  It's been a great learning experience.
  • What's do you hope people get from the MacBook Pro experience posts?
    Two things:
     - For those unfamiliar with Apple hardware, an outsiders view of the Mac OS X and hardware
     - For those familiar with Apple hardware, a chance to educate me/argue with me/leave tips for others who might want to take the plunge.
  • How many posts do you have planned?
    Don't know.  Between 20 and 30.
  • Anything you dislike about the MacBook?
    The buttons on the trackpad - they feel clunky to me.  I'm also no big fan of slot-loading CD/DVD drives either.
  • How think is the MacBook?
    1 inch.
  • Have you got the WiFi working?
    No, not yet.  I've been told that a member of Apple's executive relations team will give me a call this week to try and solve the problem.
  • Are MacBook's overpriced?
    That's a relative question.  Depends of how much cash you have to spare and what you want.  Given the high quality and the excellent fit and finish, no, I don't think so.  However, I won't try to argue that the MacBook, especially the top-end MacBook Pro I'm using, is cheap.  It's not.  This MacBook Pro retails for $2,799.  That's a lot of dough for a notebook.
  • What's your favorite MacBook Pro feature?
    I have two - the backlit keys and the MagSafe power connector.  If I had to choose between the two, it would be the MagSafe connector.
  • Have you tried gaming on the MacBook?
    Not yet.  I might get round to that this weekend.

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