MylifeB social network aims to pay users for posting

New social network MylifeB launched this week with a promise to make your life better - and reward you for content creation.

Another social network has launched with a promise to pay its users for interesting and original content. Prague based start-up MylifeB intends to turn the world of social media around.

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Image: MylifeB

Instead of wasting your time on a social media site, the platform intends to connect users that produce worthwhile information.

MylifeB founder Thomas Benes became tired of being distracted by amusing but irrelevant images when he was trying to find something on social networks.

His mission is to make it easy for anyone to explore worthwhile information and discover people online. He also wants users of the platform to feel “satisfied and appreciated”.

Although users on social media tend to share their know-how with others for free, the team decided to implement a payment model. This model pays users for useful content that can be shared through MylifeB pages or articles.

MylifeB is designed to help its members find similar people from around the world and discover information in articles or posts.

The opportunity to earn money is open to anyone using the platform. MylifeB splits 60 percent of its ad revenue from across the platform. This includes content created by the user and by ad impressions.

If an article is viewed 1000 times then the content creator can make up to $15 for that article. If there are 1000 discussions of the article then the payment is $10.

Page creators can earn up to $10 for 1000 views of a page and up to $1 for 1000 views of a post.

The platform wants to ensure that it is filled with high quality content, so there are limits in place to stop spammers. Users need to reach 1,000 followers in order to start earning revenue from the site.

Content creators and subject matter experts are discovered by people looking for content. Brands can create pages to communicate with their customers, and share information.

"We love to be surrounded by positive ambitious like-minded people." said Benes.

The site has some wrinkles to iron out during its first few months. Some of the English text on the site could be tidied up, and discovering people to connect with could be a little easier. So soon after launch, these glitches can easily be sorted out.

The network has promise – even if earning revenue from your posts is not your primary motivation. After all, great content matters– so being paid for your content has got to be the icing on the cake.

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