myType Bluetooth Keyboard from Kickstarter: Review

The active Kickstarter campaign looks to bring the myType Bluetooth Keyboard to mobile device users. This hands-on review will help you decide if it's worth an investment.

myTouch open
Image credit: James Kendrick/ZDNet

There is an active Kickstarter campaign for an innovative portable keyboard that works with iOS and Android phones and tablets and Windows 8 tablets. It has a unique rubber construction that is small when folded for transport yet opens into a full-sized keyboard.

The myType Bluetooth Keyboard is intended to provide a full keyboard solution when needed, yet fit in a pocket for transport, according to the developers. In reality, it's a little long to fit in a pocket but it is very portable without sacrificing keyboard size when open.

The unit is made out of rubber and is spill-resistant. Using it is as simple as unfolding it on a flat surface and pairing it with the mobile device of choice. It charges via microUSB and should run for weeks on a charge according to the myType folks.

Left side

The myType is so thin and small when folded closed for transport due to a patented design that has the two halves of the keyboard offset slightly so the small rubber keys interleave when closed. While this does make for a very thin design for transport, touch typists may have a hard time getting used to the offset. It feels strange having the right hand slightly up from the left hand while typing.

Right side

After using the myType for a while, it is clear it is for those who want a highly portable keyboard to use for light typing. The small, tall rubber keys are hard to hit when typing with any speed at all and they are very squishy. You can put a finger on a key and wiggle it all around due to the rubber material.

myType closed
Closed for transport

It is a full QWERTY keyboard with a section at the bottom right with control keys. These are rocker keys so care must be taken to hit the desired control on each double key.

The myType Bluetooth keyboard Kickstarter campaign has a few days to go and it is available in several colors. It will cost investors $59 to get in line for the myType which is expected to ship in October. As of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has raised $72,000, far more than the $10,000 target. It's obvious that the design is compelling enough to attract those who want it, but it's debatable if investors will find the utility worth the investment.

It's an interesting design that to this reviewer doesn't seem very practical. The slow typing speed is not much faster than onscreen keyboards. Those with small hands may fare better with the myType than the reviewer with large hands.