N+I: Broadcom in ARM tie-up

The communications chip giant will bring an ARM chip design into its line of system-on-chip technologies

ARM, the UK embedded chip designer, has struck a deal to include its processor core designs in future chips from Broadcom, the high-profile communications chip maker.

Broadcom has licensed ARM's ARM7TDMI-S core for use in its future chips, the companies said on Tuesday at the Networld+Interop conference in Las Vegas. Broadcom is a leading maker of chips for communications applications like Ethernet and broadband Internet. Chip manufacturers use ARM's designs in processors for a wide range of applications, from Pocket PC handhelds to routers to mobile phones.

Broadcom chief technology officer Dr Henry Samueli said the ARM core would be incorporated into Broadcom's portfolio of system-on-a-chip technology

The core includes Jazelle, ARM's Java-acceleration hardware, a memory managmenet unit that allows it to run open operating systems like Windows CE, Linux and Symbian OS, and a variety of power-saving features.

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