NASA breaks ground on new Virginia data center

20-year revitalization project moves forward

On May 22nd NASA Langley will take another step in their 20-year revitalization project with the groundbreaking for a new 40,000 square foot facility that will contain a new data center and high-density office space. Full-blown construction of the new facility will begin in late June 2015.

NASA Langley HQ -- NASA--

The new computing facility is the third building to be constructed under the 20-year plan that began in 2011. When completed, the facility, which was opened during World War I and still has buildings more than 80 years old in use, will have achieved the following goals:

  • Save $105 million in maintenance and utilities
  • Eliminate $141 million in deferred maintenance
  • Reduce Langley's footprint by 1.21 million square feet
  • Achieve 604,000 square feet of new building space
  • Reduce the current replacement value by $1 billion

Originally, the computing facility was scheduled to be built in 2014 and to be the fourth or fifth structure in the rebuild cycle. The two currently completed buildings are the new Headquarters building, which opened in 2011, and the Integrated Engineering Services facility which was completed in 2014. The new computing facility will allow Langley to consolidate its three existing data centers into a single facility.