Nascar driver plots revenge for Twitter account hack

What do you do when a hacker changes your name on Twitter to his own? You take his name and flaunt it. At least, that's what Nascar driver Mark Martin plans to do next weekend.

53-year-old Nascar driver Mark Martin wasn't too pleased when his Twitter account was hacked, he couldn't log back in, his tweets were deleted, his name was changed to EPICSWAGG, and his 61,000 followers were spammed. Martin made the mistake of clicking a bad link while logged into Twitter, which resulted in a hacker (or bot) taking over his account. Nevertheless, Martin has decided to take the attack in stride: he's stealing the perpetrator's name in an attempt to turn the tables on the hacker.

Still, the veteran driver was quite distraught when the hack first occurred and he was unable to communicate with his followers. "I felt naked," Martin told CBS Sports. "I was locked out of my own account. I'd built my followers up and was scared I was going to lose all of it to this guy. I was mad at him, mad at myself, and really ticked off."

He confirmed the hack on TwitLonger:

Yea, and changed my bane to EPICSWAGG lol. RT @Sputnick66: @55MarkMartin Didn't hear. So someone hacked you and was pretending to be u or what ?

Martin was pleased when he got it back, and immediately started plotting his revenge. "It's such a cool link to my fans and I really didn't want to give it up, so I'm thrilled I got it back," he said. "You see those commercials about people getting hacked and you really don't think much of it, but when it happens to you it's big. Real big. Epic Swag stole my name last Saturday so this weekend I'm stealing his," he laughed. "We'll run Epic Swag above the driver's window where my name is usually. What do they say: 'turnabout is fair play.'''

It's not clear if Martin plans to run "EPIC SWAG" or "EPICSWAGG" on his banner.

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