Nasdaq starts migrating their disaster recovery data center to Chicago

Nasdaq previously moved its eSpeed platform DR facilities to Chicago in 2014.

Nasdaq announced yesterday that beginning in August, it will start migrating its disaster recovery operations for the US equities and options market from its existing location in Ashburn, Virginia (a major East Coast data center hub) to the recently opened Point of Presence in one of the Equinix Chicago data centers. Nasdaq had previously moved its eSpeed platform DR facilities to Chicago in 2014.


Nasdaq feels that the Chicago location, at 350 Cernak, which is one of the largest carrier hotels in the country, will provide advantages in speed and convenience over its previous location. Also, there was a desire to move the disaster recovery services off of its East Coast location, as the primary Nasdaq servers are also on the East coast, albeit 150 or so miles north. New capabilities, such as the forthcoming Nasdaq Futures platform, will launch with its disaster recovery facilities in place at the Chicago location.

Tom Wittman, Head of Global Equities and Executive Vice President of Global Trading and Market Services at Nasdaq, said "Migrating our disaster recovery facility to Chicago will be convenient, cost effective and more efficient for our market participants. Chicago is home to many primary and disaster recovery engines. We will continue making the DR facility available to additional Nasdaq markets throughout 2015 and beyond."