Nasscom: US immigration bill discriminates against Indian firms

The country's peak IT trade body feels the proposed U.S. immigration bill will create an uneven playing field for Indian outsourcing firms, which will also affect American customers and the U.S. economy.

India's peak technology industry body believes a new United States immigration bill discriminates against Indian companies and creates an uneven playing field.

Nasscom president Som Mittal, told reporters the organization had "huge concerns" about the U.S. bill, officially called the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act, according to an Economic Times report on Tuesday. Among other measures, this limits the number of temporary, foreign worker visas that a company can hold.

Nasscom feels the U.S. immigration bill discriminates against Indian firms.

Mittal said the impact would hit U.S. companies so they would also be on its side. "Whether it is our customers (in the U.S.) or whether it is our own government or Nasscom, we are all ensuring that we provide these perspectives to the decision makers there," Mittal said.

Our [Ambassador of India to the US] is actively working [on this issue]. Government of India at the senior levels have written to their counterparts in U.S. I don't think any country wants discriminatory bills to come in. They do not want this to become a trade issue," he added.

The president said Indians working in the U.S. have contributed more than US$15 billion in taxes and social security in the last five years.

"So we are creating jobs there as well. We have to ensure during the negotiations (before passing the bill), negative provisions do not come. Our hope is on the process of legislation in the U.S. That's the way democracy works," noted Mittal.