Nasuni adds cloud mirroring to its storage-as-a-service offering

Nasuni was one of the first to take advantage of low cost cloud storage to create a flexible, reliable solution for customers. Now Nasuni adds the ability for its customers to mirror cloud storage data to several cloud storage providers to increase its already high levels of reliability.

Nasuni is a provider of cloud-based storage service designed to help organizations reduce their costs of storage and make storage more reliable, more flexible and now, allows cloud-to-cloud mirroring to make storage more disaster tolerant.

Here's what Nasuni has to say about its announcement

Nasuni, a provider of enterprise storage to large, distributed organizations, today announced the availability of Cloud Mirroring. This new feature is designed to provide customers an even higher level of availability and redundancy. Cloud Mirroring delivers unmatched data protection in the cloud that is stronger than any other cloud storage provider or cloud-integrated storage solution can offer.

Nasuni provides a simple, unified storage service via on-premise hardware that looks and feels like a traditional storage controller, but gains the advantages of the cloud by incorporating cloud storage in much the same way that a traditional storage array uses commodity disk drives. With Cloud Mirroring, users’ data resides in a primary cloud, while a copy of their data resides on a secondary cloud, and the entire process is managed by the Nasuni service behind the scenes.

Nasuni’s unique management of the entire cloud-based storage enables synchronization of customer data between clouds without any additional data management work for the customer..  Cloud Mirroring is delivered seamlessly to users, allowing them to focus on managing their data while Nasuni manages the back-end.

While Nasuni’s customers have never experienced a service outage, the additional redundancy of Cloud Mirroring will provide peace of mind to customers. In the extremely rare event that the primary cloud goes down or loses data, the secondary cloud will provide complete protection, and all without allocating additional bandwidth or executing additional transfers.

Snapshot analysis

I've been speaking with Nasuni for a number of years and have been impressed with the company's products. I've spoken with the company's customers and they always mention having a good experience with the company and its products.

Storage can be one of the major hardware costs of a company's IT infrastructure. That cost combined with the cost of storage administration, storage operations, management of processes to backup data and recover that data in case of an emergency can become a significant area of cost that overshadows some other areas of cost. Nasuni's products are targeting those costs by outsourcing the storage hardware to a number of service providers, automating much of the administration and operations functions and using the cloud as a way to address multi-site or distributed company operations. This way, the company need not design their own storage network infrastructure.

Although Nasuni's storage-as-a-service offering has a reputation of being reliable, mirroring data to more than one cloud service provider means that the level of availability, already high, has been increased.

Cloud computing has taken a big hit recently with the disclosure of spying by governmental organizations. This has caused many to question the use of cloud computing in general. Nasuni addressed security back in the first versions of its products and has improved the capabilities with each subsequent release.

Data in Nasuni's storage-as-a-service offering is encrypted in transit to and from the cloud and while in the cloud using what the company calls "military grade encryption using OpenPGP and the AES-256 cipher." The customer, not Nasuni, controls the keys meaning that on the company has access to the data

If storage is a ongoing challenge for your company, Nasuni's approach is worth some consideration.