Navmii navigation app offers integration with what3words

Navmii has partnered with what3words to integrate its address system into its navigation app and navigate to precise 3m x 3m locations anywhere on Earth.

What3words is a universal addressing system that brings unique three word addresses to anywhere on the planet.

Highly populated cities suffer from clarity issues in terms of address. For example, in London, UK, there are eight different Lonsdale Roads. This can lead to confusion and mistakes navigating to incorrect destinations.

The free Navmii, navigation app, has announced that it has integrated the global grid of what3words into its app. Each unique three word combination gives addresses to 57 trillion grid squares on the planet.

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What3words has defined every single 3m x 3m square on the planet by a unique three word address which can be shared quickly, easily and with no ambiguity.

Users can discover and navigate to areas without needing an area code.

They can also go to where the postcode or zip code is inaccurate, or direct friends and family to specific 3m x 3m meeting points.

Error checking ensures that if you type 'table.chair.lamp' as your grid instead of 'chair.lamp.table', the grid points will be on different continents to avoid mistakes.

To use a what3words address on Navmii, enter the three word address into Navmii's search bar.

To discover an address location on the map, zoom in and tap on the desired location.

You can now navigate to exactly the right entrance at a venue or track down your friends at a festival by sharing just three simple, unique words.

What3words has recently closed a $3.5m Series A funding round led by Intel Capital, with Li Ka-shing's Horizons Ventures and several of the company's original angel investors.

The Navmii app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry and is available to download in over 90 countries.

Travellers can access the app offline without a data connection. Maps and the what3words integration, are downloaded onto your mobile device

It is powered by its own mapping data and real-time Navmii community updates, combined with OpenStreetMaps to create driving advice.

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii said: "Consider Wembley Stadium and its numerous entrances - the what3words integration means that if a Navmii user wants to meet friends at the south west side of the stadium, all they have to do is enter 'mostly.scared.swing' into the search bar and Navmii will take care of the rest."

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