Navy laptops stolen

Data on recruiter, recruiters just the latest Navy breach of personal information.

Personal identification of 31,000 prospective Navy recruits and their recruiters was lost when two laptops were stolen from Navy offices in New Jersey, AP reports.

"There have been no reports of illegal usage of personal data identified by these incidents," said Navy spokesman, Lt. Bashon W. Mann, adding that the Navy is identifying the affected individuals.

While the thefts occurred in early June and July, they were not reported to the head of naval personnel until mid-July, the Navy said, although local police had been alerted. Information on the computers included a list of applicants and recruiters as well as information from selective service and school lists. About 4,000 included Social Security numbers. The thefts follow a gaffe in which information on 100,000 personnel was published on a Navy website and another one in which 28,000 Social Security numbers were published on a civilian site.