NBN Co CIO leaves

NBN Co's first CIO has left the company, leaving her mark on the company's IT systems.

NBN Co today confirmed that its CIO Claire Rawlins had resigned and left the company.

The company was already on the search for a replacement, as reported by ITNews

Rawlins was hired in November 2009 , not long after NBN Co's creation, coming on board from a role in British Telecom division BT Design.

Given that NBN Co was being set up from scratch, Rawlins was able to put her mark in NBN Co's IT systems. This has meant a good deal of procurement during her reign.

In 2010, the company spent $23 million to secure Oracle as its lead software provider, IBM for infrastructure hosting and Accenture for implementation and support .

The plan was that Oracle would provide core software platforms, such as enterprise resource planning systems, and IBM would provide servers, storage and operating systems.

In 2010, the company also went to market for OSS/BSS systems that would provide a link between the company and the retail service providers. IBM won the race in 2011 to provide these systems in a $200 million deal.

In November 2011 , NBN Co migrated all of its Oracle applications that had been previously hosted in an outsourced datacentre to its own, ending the IBM infrastructure managed service contract it had inked in 2010. The company also migrated its portals and online services, including NBN Co's website, from the Macquarie Telecom datacentre to NBN Co's own in the same time period.